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Living Design unLimited

LivingDesign unLimited is the business identity of sole practitioner Architect Lynn D. Livingston, AIA. With over 35 years of experience, Lynn brings substantial knowledge of design, construction and business to any endeavor. His experience in the design and construction of a multitude of different project types results in an uncommonly rich diversity in design. He has utilized concrete, steel, masonry, heavy timber and wood structural systems as well as state-of-the-art mechanical systems.

After graduating from Texas A&M, Lynn joined The Starnes Group, Inc. (SGI) in 1980 as an Intern and worked his way to the position of Vice President. At SGI, he oversaw a wide-range of commercial and residential projects including office buildings, service & distribution centers, multi-family housing communities, recreational complexes, religious centers and research facilities. Lynn led the firm into computer aided drafting, completing its first project utilizing AutoCAD in 1985.

Lynn joined Civic Design Associates (CDA) in 2000 as Director of Architecture where he oversaw all aspects of the Architecture practice. CDA focused on Town Planning and Re-development utilizing the principles of New Urbanism. At CDA, Lynn oversaw a diverse variety of Community and Residential projects including the renovations to offices, classrooms and residential buildings for the UT School of Medicine at the UTMB Galveston Campus as part of their Hurricane Ike Recovery program.

In addition to his professional practice, Lynn has actively served the community in a verity of roles. Lynn has actively served his church and its programs to aid the homeless as well as being a volunteer in the prison system. An Eagle Scout, he served as a Scoutmaster for a number of years. Lynn has also been active in several community outreach programs of the American Institute of Architects. He chaired the Architecture Across the Curriculum program in Houston for a number of years that sent Architect volunteers into the classrooms of public schools to raise awareness of design and architecture. Lynn volunteered for the AIA’s Disaster Action program, providing free damage assessment and consulting in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. He recently chaired the Men’s Center Building Committee for the development of a $6 million Residence Hall located in Houston’s Midtown area.

What we do

We are a full service Architecture firm providing planning, design and consulting services for Civic, Commercial, Institutional and Residential construction. We provide the appropriate level of service for any project including office buildings and interiors, research facilities, service and distribution centers, sports complexes, recreation centers, education & church facilities, as well as single or multi-family housing. We will guide you through the building process, beginning with site selection and initial budgeting if needed, through programing and preliminary design to construction and occupancy. We encourage and enable our client’s active participation in the process. No matter how large or small, whether new construction, additions, renovations or remodeling, we strive to provide our clients the best possible service.

What is Living Design?

Sustainable structures that shelter body and soul with minimal maintenance, consumption or cost. Dynamic, flowing spaces that transcend trends; that function efficiently with the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstance and season. Integrated systems that work in harmony to enhance efficiency and provide an enjoyable environment.

Are there really no limits?

There are limits to what we do but usually only those dictated by the client.

Why? We do More than Listen.

We understand that collaboration between client and architect results in the best designs and ultimately the most successful projects. We enable our clients to actively participate in the design process. We are committed to our clients, not just their needs and desires, but also, their wellbeing. We address issues of comfort, happiness, security, safety, health and welfare as well as style and taste. We focus on detail and accuracy to enhance the overall design concept. We strive to provide exceptional service.

With more than thirty-five years of providing all types of Architectural Services, we have the experience to successfully oversee projects from Pre-Design thru Occupancy and beyond. We have directed the successful completion of complex projects on time and within budget. Our experience includes a multitude of project types ranging from recreational to research facilities, residential sancturies to religious worship centers. We have successfully utilized a wide-range construction types including Wood, Heavy Timber, Masonry, Steel and Concrete as well as state of the art mechanical and electrical systems. From this diversity of experience we have the essential knowledge to select the appropriate building systems to satisfy project requirements including relative costs, constructability and schedule. We comprehend the Building Codes and their impact on design. We design high performance buildings that incorporate energy efficiency and sustainability concepts and satisfy our clients needs.  

We act as the catalyst that empowers our clients to realize their dreams of places to live, learn, work, play and pray.

A Passion for Architecture

We love everything about our service. We love working with our clients to transform their dreams into reality. Our appreciation of fundamental design and planning concepts and our skills in executing them have resulted in multiple award winning designs.

List of Services

Site Selection
Site Analysis
Master Planning
Space Planning
Conceptual Design
Design Development
Construction Drawings
Bidding / Negotiating
Construction Contract Administration
Material, Color and Finish Selections
Non-building Equipment Selections
Furnishings Selections
Statement of Probable Construction Cost
Agency Consulting / Review / Approval

Contact Information

Phone: (214) 577-4113
Email: lynn@livingdesigns-unlimited.com



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